Turkey Association

 In 2018, Hugh-Jones LLP entered into an Association with CVG Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey. We have had close links with Law Firm’s in Istanbul since 2009.

Istanbul is one of the most densely populated cities in the world with an estimated population of 15,000,000. It is a progressive city with one of the fastest growing economies in world. The world of commerce is changing at an incredible pace in Turkey resulting in investment opportunities. Over the past ten years or so, billions of dollars have been invested in the infrastructure of Istanbul. The road networks have been vastly improved, trams have been installed, the metro system has been expanded, a new tunnel has been built under the Bosporus, a third bridge across the Bosporus has been opened and a new airport with three runways has been built. These are but a few of the mega projects that have taken place in Istanbul.

Foreign investment in Istanbul has been growing at a steady pace bringing new innovations, job opportunities and an expansion in the service industries which inevitably has a knock-on effect on various other sectors.

The property markets have grown considerably all over Turkey, especially in the popular Touristic regions where there has been a lot of investment in holiday homes by people from all over Europe and Russia. The Istanbul sky line has changed phenomenally with high rise residential towers, shopping malls and business centres with build quality to match.

The growth in the economy has been partly fuelled by foreign investment in the manufacturing sectors and firms wishing to claim a slice of the growing demand for consumer goods.

Economic growth and investment brings with it opportunities and demands for other sectors in business, Law being one of the foremost sectors. Business and Industries demand for quality legal services that is responsive and effective to their demands is insatiable and needs to be met by equally progressive and forward-thinking lawyers.

CVG Law firm is headed by Mr Behzat Guven Cem, Mr Volkan Onkibar and Can (Jan) Cayirpare who are the founding members of the firm. The firm consists of a dynamic experienced number of lawyers who have a good command of the English language and support staff with a good cross section of knowledge in various arears of Turkish Law including, Civil/Commercial litigation and advocacy, sports Law, real estate Law, Company and Contract Law, Tax law, Appeals and Arbitration, Public Sector Law, Business Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Insolvency and advice on Investments.

CVG can guide clients and assist within the fields of Investment opportunities, real estate, business development, setting up companies, advice on local taxation and business structures, employment Law and general business advice.

We at Hugh-Jones LLP act as a conduit between clients in the UK and CVG, with legal issues in Turkey. Because we have lawyers fluent in Turkish, we are able to take care of all the necessary legal formalities for instructions to be provided to CVG. We also deal with AML issues on behalf of CVG and take initial instructions. If necessary, we also deal with taking Witness Statements from clients in the UK which provides convenience and speed and better costs efficiency.

The association aims to offer clients who have business or personal affairs in Turkey and particularly in Istanbul an efficient, flexible and convenient service.

The association also aims to provides clients in Istanbul with business or personal affairs in London the same convenience and efficiency in service levels in respect of legal services in London.

If you are settled in the UK and thinking about doing business in Istanbul or you live in Turkey and require a lawyer in London, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hugh-Jones LLP does not practice Law in the Turkey. We are not registered lawyers in the Turkey and do not have the authority or regulatory requirements to represent any client in the Turkey for any kind of legal work. Our connection with CVG Law or any other law firm or lawyer we may refer any client to is purely a referral. Hugh-Jones LLP does not accept any liability for negligence, loss or poor service on the part of any firm it may refer a client to.

The position of Hugh-Jones LLP is to provide a convenient level of service to clients who have legal issues in the Turkey and who require legal services within the jurisdiction of the Turkey. This is achieved by the Law firm in the Turkey instructing Hugh-jones LLP to act as its agent in connection with the signing of documents, service of documents, taking of witness statements, taking instructions, collating evidence, certification of Identity documents and proof of residence. Any fees due to Hugh-Jones LLP will normally be payable by the Turkish Law firm unless otherwise agreed.

Hugh-Jones LLP cannot provide any legal advice in connection with legal matters in the Turkey and clients should place no reliance on any remarks or comments made by any employee of Hugh-Jones LLP without corroboration from our Turkish associate firm.

Hugh-Jones LLP also acts as agent for Law Firms and clients in the Turkey in connection with various litigation related matters where the Courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction or where the matter relates to enforcement of Judgements in the UK.

Hugh-Jones LLP does not deal with complaints against any firm it refers clients to although we are happy to try and assist clients resolve any issues by discussing the complaint with the law firm in the Turkey if requested to do so.

For further information please contact one of the offices below:


Av. Volkan Önkibar, or Av. Ibrahim Can Cayirpare






Gümüşsuyu Mah. İnönü Cad. No:23 Park Palas D:7, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 212 251 75 71

Gsm: +90 535 662 61 06