TRNC Association

We first established a formal association with Sener Law firm in Kyrenia in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus TRNC) in 2007.

The association allowed us to establish strong links with the TRNC and learn about the workings of the legal system.

In 2015 we also established a second association with Hansel & Sagiroglu in Nicosia now Hansel Law Firm.

In 2017 Sener Law firm split into Sener Law and Ayhan Erciyas & Associates. Sener Law continues to be headed by Mr Mustafa Sener and Ayhan Erciyas & Associates is headed by Ms Ayhan Erciyas. Our association with Sener Law firm ceased in 2018.

Hansel Law firm is headed up by Mr Feyzi Hansel. Mr Hansel specialises in commercial litigation and is an excellent advocate. His firm represents many financial and commercial institutions in the TRNC as well as various government departments. The firm offers legal services in various areas of Law.

Ayhan Erciyas & Associates specialises in property work. The firm is able to offer clients a Trust Holding service as well as legal services which enables clients to acquire property in the TRNC through the Trust Company which allows clients to own as much property as they like rather than being restricted to the limited property ownership laws that apply to foreign investors. This also means that foreign investors do not need to wait months to obtain permission from the internal affairs office to acquire and own land in the TRNC. Clients must consider whether this is appropriate for their circumstances. Hugh-Jones LLP does not provide advice in connection with such matters.

The association with Law offices in the TRNC was a first for any Law firm in the world and has allowed us to offer clients a better level of convenience and speed in delivering legal services for clients, both in the TRNC and the UK. It should be said that the wheels of justice turn a lot slower in the TRNC but this is mainly down to the absence of technology within the Courts and some other departments such as the Land Registry which invariably improves efficiency. Technology is already being embraced and in time, such technological advancements will be fully adopted which will have a positive impact on time scales and efficiency in the legal sector.

The association gives us the opportunity of offering UK lawyers an agency service for service of documents in the TRNC as well as providing information on local companies and individuals.

Hugh-Jones LLP does not practice Law in the TRNC. We are not registered lawyers in the TRNC and do not have the authority or regulatory requirements to represent any client in the TRNC for any kind of legal work. Our connection with Hansel Law Firm and Ayhan Erciyas & Associates or any other law firm or lawyer we may refer any client to, is a reciprocal referral channel. Hugh-Jones LLP does not accept any liability for negligence, loss or poor service on the part of any firm it may refer a client to.

The position of Hugh-Jones LLP is to provide a convenient level of service to clients who have legal issues in the TRNC and who require legal services within the jurisdiction of the TRNC. This is achieved by the Law firm in the TRNC instructing Hugh-jones LLP to act as its agent in connection with the signing of documents, taking of Witness Statements, taking instructions, collating evidence certification of identity documents by the TRNC Representatives Office in London and proof of residence. Any fees due to Hugh-Jones LLP will normally be payable by the TRNC Law firm unless otherwise agreed.

We also have the advantage of our lawyers being able to read and speak Turkish to a reasonable standard.

Hugh-Jones LLP cannot provide any legal advice in connection with legal matters in the TRNC.

Hugh-Jones LLP also acts as agent for Law Firms and clients in the TRNC in connection with various litigation related matters where the Courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction or where the matter relates to enforcement.

Hugh-Jones LLP does not deal with complaints against any firm it refers clients to although we are happy to try and assist clients resolve any issues by discussing the complaint with the law firm in the TRNC if requested to do so.

For further information please contact one of the offices be

Eddie Dervish


Hugh-Jones LLP

137 Ballards Lanes


London N3 1LJ

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Fax 020 8349 2910

Ayhan Erciyas B.A (Hons)

Managing Director

Ayhan Erciyas &associates Ltd

39 Cengiz Topal Avenue


Kyrenia Via Mersin-10 Turkey

Tel 0090 392 816 03 23

Fax: 0090 392 816 03 22

Mr Feyzi Hansel


Feyzi Hansel Law Firm

Feyzi Hansel Law Firm

8 Nuri Efendi Sokak


Mersin-10 Turkey

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